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Our Philosophy

I live in Italy but I am a world citizen. I like to travel, to know people, to understand and to draw. I love light because fires colors and I love colors because always excite me. Bob Exists since always. People who knew him told about an always smiling man, that succeed in making something incredible and different. He teached optimism to the people in a period which optimism was an unknown world, a totally unknown spiritual and mental status. It’s nice to think that many years ago there was another BOB like me, who had something different from other people, and who brings innovation and joy to the persons that knew him.

I feel exactly like him. I am tall-short-blond and brown hair. I have light eyes and sometimes dark eyes. I am elegant-sportswear and I like to dance, talk and sing with my friends. I take care of fashion, my creations are originals, new and unpredictable. I like to dress ambitious culture people who want to stand out for his cheerful and ironic character. How old I am? Never ask the age to a woman.


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